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How to Get a Same Day Cash Advance in Alabama

If you need cash on short notice and are looking into same day cash advance options, getting Alabama online payday loans might be just what you need.

Payday loans are one of the easiest and most accessible loan options in the market, and with Alabama Title Loans, Inc., getting one is as easy as can be.

Here are a few things you need to know if you’ve decided to try your luck.

The How-To’s of Getting an Alabama Same Day Cash Advance

How to Get Alabama Payday Loans Fast?

One of the biggest upsides of applying for a loan at Alabama Title Loans, Inc. is that there are only a few quick steps to the process.

It takes a few minutes to submit the online form on the website and a few more to talk the details over with the loan representative on the phone.

After that, aside from the time, you’ll need to spend commuting to and from the store, the most you’ll have to spend on the loan are 30-40 minutes it takes the loan representative to determine the amount of your loan and its terms.

How to Save Time on the Commute with a Same Day Cash Advance

Alabama Title Loans, Inc. has stores all over the state. There’s a handy locator on the website you can use to choose the one that’s closest to you.

How to Qualify for a Same Day Cash Advance

The minimum requirements you need to meet to qualify for a payday loan at Alabama Title Loans, Inc. is to be over 18 and prove you are able to pay the loan off in due time.

Here’s what you need to provide the lender with:

  • A government-issued photo ID
  • Social security card
  • A bank statement for the last 30 days from an active checking account in your name
  • A blank check from the same checking account
  • Your most recent pay stub

How to Get a Same Day Cash Advance with Low Credit

Same Day Cash Advance with Low Credit Score

If you’re worrying about being rejected because of low credit, we’ve got great news for you. Alabama Title Loans, Inc. is open to ALL potential borrowers regardless of what their credit looks like.

Whether your credit is good or bad has very little to do with your final chances of getting approved for a payday loan.

What matters is that you provide the lender with all the required items listed above and they are up to par with Alabama Title Loans, Inc.’s standards. If they are, you could get a loan with no credit at all.

How to Avoid Negative Impact on Your Credit with a Same Day Cash Advance

Getting a payday loan won’t influence your credit score in any way. It will stay exactly the same.

Alabama Title Loans, Inc. never reports its loan information to any credit agencies, so when applying for a loan you can rest assured that your loan information will remain solely with the lender.

How to Get a Same Day Cash Advance if Unemployed

Payday loans are called payday loans because the size of the loan and repayment terms depend on your paycheck. The payment deadline is usually your next payday, and you are required to pay the loan off with the payment coming out of your paycheck.

But if you’re unable to provide a recent pay stub or the date at which the next one comes in due to an unstable work environment (or being unemployed), Alabama Title Loans, Inc. will do its best to accommodate your circumstances.

applying for alabama online payday loans

This means you could still get a payday loan if you provide the lender with alternative proof of your ability to pay the loan off. Consult with your loan representative to find out which documents you’d need to provide in this case.

How to Get Same Day Cash Advance with Alabama Title Loans, Inc.

  1. Double-check the required items (your ID, social security card, a bank statement for the recent 30 days, and a blank check from an active checking account in your name, and your most recent pay stub), making sure everything’s ready to go, before starting anything.
  2. Submit a filled-out online form to send information to the nearest location and wait for a loan representative to get in touch with you by phone. They will provide further information and schedule an appointment for you.
  3. Take all the required items to that appointment. The representative will need to assess the documents to determine 1) if you qualify for the loan; 2) how much money you should get.
  4. Finish the final paperwork right there and get your same day cash advance.

Get Started Today!

Getting a same day cash advance in Alabama is as easy and hassle-free as can be if you apply with Alabama Title Loans, Inc. Get started with Alabama payday loans now and receive up to $500 in same day cash advance today!

Need a bigger loan amount? Alabama title pawns can get you up to $15,000 same day cash. Submit your inquiry today to find out how much you could qualify for.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.


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