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Low-Cost Mother's Day Ideas

April 22, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

Whether you’re motivated by love, guilt or a combination of the two, there’s no denying that mothers love it when we make a fuss over them. This is where a lot of Mother’s Day traditions come from, including flowers, breakfast in bed and champagne brunches.

And while we all wish we could give our moms the perfect Mother’s Day experience, that wish often comes into conflict with the very real financial situations many of us are facing.

Mother's Day on a Budget

If this sounds like you or you’re someone who often finds themselves thinking “where is a title pawn?”, don’t let it take the wind out of your sails. There are plenty of heartfelt and affordable ways of expressing your love to your mother that won’t leave your wallet empty. Here are a few smart tips and ideas to do Mother’s Day on a budget.

Get Out of the House

Going outside on a walk or to the park is a highly underrated way of celebrating Mother’s Day. More often than not the weather is nice enough for it, and everyone enjoys a good stroll through mother nature herself.

If your mother is athletic, you can try more ambitious activities like hiking a trail, renting bikes, or even hitting the water for kayaking or canoeing. To make your day outdoors even more special, pack a picnic lunch to avoid the unnecessary expense of eating lunch at a restaurant.

Take Her Thrift Store Shopping

If you have the kind of mother enjoys shopping and finding bargains, you can combine her favorite activities into one with a Mother’s Day thrift shop spending spree.

Thrift store shopping provides an opportunity for you to do a little treasure hunting together, and the exciting part is you never know what you will find. Not every mother will have appreciate going to a thrift store on her special day, but for those that do it’s a great way to interact and spend time with her without also spending a lot of money.

Watch a Movie

While a little more expensive than thrift store shopping, going to the movies is a fun way to spend an afternoon with your mom. Don’t get ahead of yourself and choose the movie without her, though.

While no doubt she’ll enjoy spending the day with you, it’s important that she enjoys the movie. And that means no groaning or complaining if she chooses a movie you don’t necessarily want to see. Remember, this is her day, not yours.

Sing Karaoke

While it may not be your idea of fun, plenty of moms love to do karaoke. Just about every city and small town across America has at least one bar or restaurant in the area where there is a karaoke night.

Be warned, you may have to take the stage at some point yourself! So, if public singing isn’t your thing, you may want to carefully consider this Mother’s Day option.

It’s About Her

The commonality between all of these options is simple: if you don’t have money to spend on your mother, then what you need to focus on is spending your time with her in a meaningful way.

After all, she didn’t bring you into the world with the hope of someday receiving presents. She chose to give you life and unconditional love for no other reason than selflessness, and all she expects back from you is the same.