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How a DIY Halloween Party Can be Better and Cheaper

September 26, 2018 | Louis Tully

Nothing is scarier than being broke just before the holidays are starting to set in and Halloween is the first float to pass by on this year’s holiday parade.

Save More with a DIY Halloween

Fortunately, Halloween doesn’t have to be the most expensive of celebrations, so don’t go taking out a payday loan just yet. Use these tips to give you and yours a frightfully fun Halloween on a low, low budget:

Go DIY with the Decorations

Buying holiday decorations at the store can easily bust your budget. It’s better to stick with what you already have and maybe even go with a ‘less is more’ kind of vibe. But if you’ve got the itch to transform your home into your own haunted house, there are plenty of ways to do it without going over budget.

The Internet is crawling with fun and creative Halloween décor ideas you could easily incorporate into your home’s Halloween makeover. Try free online tools like Pinterest or YouTube for DIY ideas like these that are terrifyingly fun and easy to do too:

  • Use black yarn to make spiderwebs all over the walls.
  • Use black cardstock to make some bat cutouts and glue them to the inside of the lampshade to create a spooky effect (make sure the paper is not touching the light bulb!).
  • Repurpose an old Christmas wreath by applying cobweb, plastic spiders and anything else you can think of to give it a creepy edge.
  • Get some plain white candles and draw little ghostly faces on their sides with a Sharpie.
  • Create, large, medium and small-sized bat cutouts using black cardstock and tape them to the wall from largest to smallest to give a swarming effect!

Host a Petrifying Party!

Throwing a party doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Halloween parties are no different. Invite your guest to bring something to the party and you’ve already got just about everything you need.

Queue up Michael Jackson’s "Thriller" and you’ve got yourself a spooky Halloween party! Here are a few other things you could do to add some extra fright to your party night:

  • Put on some classic horror movies on the TV for background noise.
  • Put out some candies and other treats from the Dollar Store.
  • Ask everybody to show up in full costume.
  • Ask somebody if they have a fog machine to use for the party.
  • Use Apple Music or Spotify to keep the monster jams going all night long!
  • Make a punch the give the party some kick.

Make Your Own Costumes

Anyone could pick up a costume they like from a store, but where’s the fun in that? Making a unique costume of your very own is not only way more fun, but it’s a lot cheaper too!

Find some ideas online or come up with a truly creative idea on your own. Then raid your closet for pieces you could use for your costume and see what works. If you know how to use a sewing machine, that’s even better!

Shop Clearance

After it’s all over, remember all the clearance deals that come on November 1st. This is your time to stock up on Halloween goodies for next year. You could stock up on quite a lot for very little when things are on clearance. This way, you won’t have to spend a dime for next year’s frights fests.

Enjoy the Little Things

You don’t need expensive outdoor inflatable witches, pricy costumes and big bags of candy to enjoy Halloween time. Here are some ways you could enjoy the October festivities without breaking your budget:

  • Swap out your regular coffee creamer with pumpkin spice.
  • Marathon a few scary movies on Netflix.
  • Go to your local pumpkin patch with some friends.
  • Carve a small pumpkin.
  • Visit some of the haunted houses in your neighborhood.

How Will You Save This Halloween?

With Thanksgiving and Christmas being close behind, you’ll want to tread lightly this Halloween. Now may be a good time to start thinking about your winter budget so that you can prepare your wallet for the holidays ahead. The holidays are supposed to be fun and joyful occasions. Make sure your finances never get in the way of that.