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How To Successfully Fill Out Your Alabama Title Pawn Application

So, you want to be successful with your Alabama title pawn application? Thankfully, you've found the right place for that. We've got top five tips to near-on guarantee getting the money you need from the title pawn.

5 Tips To Ensure You Fill Out Your Alabama Title Pawn Application Correctly

1. Get Your Documents Together

Firstly, you need to ensure you have the correct documents. Otherwise, you run a considerable risk of being unsuccessful in your title pawn application efforts.

Make sure you have the following:

  • Your vehicle
  • A lien-free title to your vehicle
  • Your driver's license or another kind of state-issued ID

A lien-free title is a document that simply states that you own your vehicle outright, and there aren't any judgments or loans outstanding against it. Just ensure it's in your name. If not, you should contact the DMV and request a transfer of the title into your name before trying to get a car title pawn.

2. Be Honest About Your Vehicle

The amount of money you can receive from a title pawn directly relates to the value of your vehicle. We end up inspecting it anyway, so it's best to be honest about its make, model, age, condition, and other factors.

Here are the most critical aspects of your vehicle:

  • Mileage — The higher the number shown on the odometer, the lower the value on your car, typically speaking. Thus, the lower the number, the higher the value of your car.
  • Age — Cars lose roughly 60 percent of their value throughout the first five years of their lives as the manufacturers continue to release vehicles containing newer technologies. A 2021 Toyota Aygo in the good condition is always going to be worth more than a 2016 Toyota Aygo in the same condition.
  • Make and Model — Brands like Audi, Mercedes, and Cadillac are worth more than Toyota, Nissan, and Volkswagen. Owning a luxury car brand makes it more likely you can borrow the higher Alabama title pawn amount.
  • Condition — If you don't keep up with changing your vehicle's oil or tires, the overall condition prematurely deteriorates. Similarly, cosmetic damage impacts the big picture. Scratches, dents, stained seats, and other damage can ruin the value too.

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3. Ensure You Have a Plan For Your Money

Often, you're not asked why you need the title pawn. However, we advise you only use it for emergencies. Our previous customers utilized the pawns for situations, such as:

  • Paying medical bills
  • Funding overdue bills
  • Funding urgent travel costs
  • Paying for home repairs

Having a clear goal in mind puts you on an easy path to success throughout the application process.

4. Make Sure Your Vehicle Is In Tip Top Condition

We mentioned earlier that your vehicle's condition plays a prominent role in how much we can offer you. So, to give yourself the best chance of success, do everything you can to fix up your car beforehand. Of course, you don't need to do anything major! Just a tidy-up and oil change if you haven't done so in a while.

5. Understand The Title Pawn Application Process

The final step to successfully fill out your Alabama title pawn application is to ensure you understand the process. Every lender has a slightly different procedure. We suggest familiarizing yourself with ours. The steps are in the next section below.

Our Title Pawn Application Process

It takes roughly half an hour to start and finish the process, which is no time at all in the grand scheme of things. In just 6 steps, you can have the cash you need:

  1. Fill the online form in and submit it. The form sends your information straight to your local Alabama Title Loans, Inc.
  2. Sit back and wait for a loan representative to get in touch. They tell you about the title pawn application process, answer your questions, and discuss the requirements. You get another chance to ask questions later, so don't worry too much if you forget.
  3. After the conversation, head to the meeting place that you choose or to your local Alabama Title Loans, Inc. with your driver's license, vehicle, and your lien-free title to your vehicle.
  4. One of our loan associates will examine your vehicle and paperwork to decide whether you qualify. The inspection and paperwork takes less than 30 minutes.
  5. If you are eligible, you complete the rest of the paperwork alongside the loan associate.
  6. Finally, you receive the money you need either on the same or next day, and you've been successful with your title pawn application!

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Secure an Alabama Title Pawn Right Now!

By now, you are more than capable of finding success when you fill out your Alabama title pawn application! But if you have any more questions, don't be afraid to contact us by calling 800-514-2274 or submitting an online inquiry on our website. We're always on hand to help during our standard business hours.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.


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