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4 Ways to Save This Labor Day Weekend

Aug 16, 2018 | By Louis Tully

The weekends often come and go way too fast for the Monday-to-Friday grinders. But every once in a while, working-class citizens get treated to a 3-day weekend that feels just right.

Celebrate Labor Day for Less

Labor Day gives us the kind of Monday we wish we could all have every week, but since it only comes a few times a year, it’s a good idea to take advantage.

That being said, if your finances are keeping you from going all out this weekend and you’re using an Alabama car title pawn to stay afloat, here are some great ways to still have fun over your 3-day weekend without having to reach for your wallet.

Have People Over For a Potluck

One way you could have fun this weekend without leaving the house is by throwing a party! A potluck to be exact. Invite some friends and family over for a sunny afternoon in the backyard (If you have a pool, that’s even better!).

If everybody brings food and drinks, you won’t have to spend a dime on the Labor Day fun. Actually, most people have no problem bringing dishes and beverages to a party since you’re giving them a place to meet up and enjoy some company.

Give Yourself a Nice ‘Staycation’

Many underestimate the idea of a ‘staycation’: it’s a simple concept of taking a vacation right where you are. Rather than spending money on expensive airfare, hotel stays and tourist traps, a staycation allows you the freedom to take a vacation right in your own neighborhood.

Going local instantly removes all the expensive parts of your “trip”. You might spend some money, but it’s nothing compared to what you would spend on an out-of-town trip to a place you’ve never been.

Hit the Beach

Speaking of staycations, why not hit the beach this Labor Day? If you’re working with a bare budget this summer, a beach day is a perfect way to cope. Now’s the perfect time to grab a towel, put on your shades and hit the sandy shores! Invite some friends while you’re at it. Beaches are fun, relaxing and free!

Hit Up Your Local Farmer’s Markets

If the weather’s gorgeous and you’re itching to get out of the house for a bit, hit up your local marketplaces. Most cities have them nearby and they’re worth the trip if you’re looking to get out of the house.

Farmers’ markets, flea markets and the like are your destinations. Your local farmers' market offers an array of fresh produce with prices too low to be sold at the big grocery chains. This is your chance to stock up on groceries for the week. You’ll save money on your food budget and have a bit of outdoor fun doing it. Flea markets, on the other hand, are probably where most of the fun’s at.

These outdoor shops are perfect for just walking around and exploring new things you’d be hard-pressed find anywhere else. Also, most of the stuff you’ll find at a flea market is very much so on the cheap side. So even if you are working with. Budget, you can actually do some fun shopping this Labor Day weekend without burning through your wallet.

How Will You Save This Labor Day Weekend?

So there you have it, 4 ways you can enjoy this coming Labor Day weekend without breaking the bank or busting your budget. It goes to show that you don’t have to spend loads of money to have fun on the weekends. You just need a bit of planning, an open mind and some appreciation for the things most of us take for granted.