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4 Ways a Title Pawn Can Help Bridge the Holiday Gap

December 15, 2018 | By Mason Roberts

While for most people the holidays are a festive season, they can also be an expensive one. All that celebrating and spending time with friends and family doesn’t come cheap, especially for those who work part-time or are paid hourly.

Each hour off is a loss of income that it isn’t easy to make up, especially with all the additional costs like gifts, decorations, and travel that come with the holiday season.

How Holiday Title Pawns Can Help

Luckily, there’s a fast and easy way to make up that gap in income: an Alabama title pawn. Title pawns provide convenient access to emergency cash amounts up to $15,000, with no credit checks required. That much cash could help you bridge the holiday gap to start the New Year without the added distraction of debt.

Medical Expenses

Just because your paycheck stops doesn’t mean your medical expenses do. If an unexpected trip to the doctor or the need for filling a prescription arises during the holidays, the extra expense could leave you short on cash.

While the emergency room won’t turn you away, the care they provide will come at a premium and you will be on the hook for medications or treatment your insurance doesn’t cover. Having quick access to emergency cash when you need it is critical, especially when you have a gap in your pay.

Car Troubles

Ironically, if you have car troubles during the holiday gap, one of the things that can resolve the problem is getting a title pawn on another vehicle.

While on the surface this can seem like borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, in actuality you’re just performing the financial equivalent of a financial jumpstart just like you might with a car battery.

Keep the Lights On

For people living paycheck to paycheck, even the loss of a week or two of income can be disastrous, especially if the funds are earmarked for paying bills.

Luckily, in the state of Alabama, heating isn’t something that residents need to worry about as much as other parts of the country, but it still gets cold in the winter and bills still need to be paid. A title pawn could help you keep the lights on through the Christmas season.

Celebrate the Holidays with Title Pawns

While some of these scenarios may seem extreme, there are plenty of other expenses that fall on the holidays, not the least of which is buying presents for the kids or hosting family members.

If that’s the type of challenges you are facing, then a title pawn could also be right for you. Depending on how much your vehicle is worth, you could get fast cash amounts to cover nearly any type of holiday-related expenses you are dealing with.