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20 Great Holiday Gift Ideas You Can Afford

The holiday season is dearly beloved by most Americans, but it does also come with certain hurdles. One big hurdle is what to gift our loved ones and how not to blow a big hole in our holiday budgets.

Here are 20 of our favorite affordable gifts you could buy for the loved ones without going broke.

1. A Good Book

If the loved one you’re shopping for is an avid reader – there’s no better gift. But even those who care little about books might enjoy one if you make an effort to find something that suits their tastes.

2. Scented Candles

Scented candles have been all the rage the last few years – so chances of it being enjoyed are high. Do make sure that you know what kind of scents the person in question likes before buying them though.

3. Stationery

Most people like nice stylish stationery, even if they might never use it. They may even enjoy stationery as a gift specifically because they wouldn’t let themselves spend money on it.

4. A Photo In A Good Frame

Framed photos of precious memories make a great gift. Thrift stores can be a godsend for framed photos. You can find plenty of unique frames – some with motivational prints or quotes – to make your photos stand out.

5. A Scarf

Everybody could use a nice scarf this time of the year. Even better if you weave one yourself.

6. A Pair Of Mittens

Mittens make a great gift in the cold weather. Do make sure that they’re the type of person who uses mittens though – plenty of people don’t, even during the coldest times.

7. Anything Handmade

I’m sure they’d enjoy whatever it is just because they’d know it’s custom-made with them in mind. But if it’s something they can use regularly? That’s a 10/10.

8. A Unique Keychain

Choose something that can evoke a positive memory – or maybe act as an inside joke for you two. An example could be something that reminds you of an outing together.

9. Sweets

Chocolate is chocolate – most people love it, and it doesn’t need to be particularly expensive to be tasty. And if they don’t like chocolate, there are plenty of sweets to choose from. If you’re out of ideas – sweets are the way to go.

10. A Mug With A Funny Print Or A Meaningful Quote

A mug itself is always a useful addition to the kitchen this time of the year. Especially if we consume large quantities of hot tea, coffee, or cocoa. But choose a unique one and you’ll be gifting them something they’ll use for years to come.

11. A Few Bottles Of Nail Polish

If it’s a lady friend you’re shopping for and they use nail polish, then adding a few bottles to their collection is never a wrong move.

12. A Tube Of Lipstick

We all know at least one makeup enthusiast. They love to come up with new looks using their makeup. And they can never have too many tubes of lipstick.

13. A Piece Of Jewelry You Hardly Ever Use

Take a look at your jewelry. Chances are you have pieces that you don’t use that still look great. Instead of keeping them, someone on your gift list might enjoy them. The best part? This one will be completely free.

14. A Cigarette Case

If you know a smoker, then a stylish cigarette case is something they’ll find both useful and indulgent.

15. A Lighter

The person you are shopping for doesn’t even have to be a smoker for this gift. A lighter is a tool many will find useful down the road, and it is especially enjoyable if it looks nice.

16. A Pack Of Socks

You can never have enough socks in winter – though this is only a suitable gift for friends you’re particularly close to.

17. A Deck Of Playing Cards

This is another unorthodox, but a surprisingly successful gift – especially for friends who enjoy taking trips and camping.

18. A Good Bottle Of Wine

A good bottle of wine won’t blow a hole in your budget as long as you know what to go for. And, even better, most adults can enjoy a glass – especially around the holidays.

19. Some Other Alcohol

If they’re not a wine drinker – go for a bottle of something they like. Maybe a bottle of tequila or whiskey would hit the spot.

20. A Gift Card

It might seem a little impersonal and could be a tad more expensive than other options on this list – but it’s a surprisingly effective gift. Especially coupled with some sweets or a bottle of alcohol.

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If An Emergency Stops Your Gift Shopping, Use A Title Pawn For Help

Even if you use these gift options to save some holiday cash, the unexpected still happens. When an emergency strikes, stopping your gift shopping efforts, you could always take out a title pawn – also known as title pawns online – from Alabama Title Loans, Inc.

What Are The Benefits Of Car Title Pawns Near Me?

Car title pawns allow you to use your vehicle’s title as collateral for emergency cash. Our pawn associates at Alabama Title Loans, Inc work with any kind of credit score, so you can bravely apply if your credit score is bad or even nonexistent.

Typically, if everything goes according to plan and we can approve you, you could walk away with the cash you qualify for and your vehicle. That is right, you can keep your vehicle as you are paying for the pawn. Just keep up with the payments on time and you are fine to keep using your vehicle.

How Do I Acquire A Title Pawn?

As we’ve mentioned, getting a title pawn is easy, but to be considered for them, you have to be at least 18 years old and have an ID that proves it, owns a car, and have that car’s title be in your name and lien-free. That lien-free title goes to us and you get your cash.

Applying for a title pawn is simple. Just search for ‘title pawns near me’ open now and you’ll see every location we have available in Alabama.

The process begins when you go fill out our online form. This gives us your basic information and lets us understand what you are looking for – because we also offer payday loans. As soon as we receive the form, you will get a phone call from an Alabama Title Loans, Inc. associate to go over the next steps.

Once you are here, the pawn associate will sit down with you and go over the pawn agreement. We will also do a quick vehicle inspection to find out your vehicle’s value and condition. Both these factors help us determine how much you qualify for. If everything checks out and we can approve you, you can sign the agreement and leave with the cash you qualify for.

With these gift options, you can get something for everyone on your list without a big financial strain.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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