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5 Things You Can Do When You Need Extra Cash

We all fall on hard times at some point in our lives. It’s one of the inevitabilities of existence that at some point we’ll find ourselves in desperate need of cash and with seemingly no way to get any. It’s truly not uncommon: studies show that most Americans have only $400 in reserve before they’re forced to go into debt to pay for emergencies.

If life is hitting you especially hard right now, where do you turn then? What’s the best way of managing it? Well, while it may seem like there’s no options to get cash, the truth is that fortunately there are a few you may not have thought of. Today we’re here to lay five of them out for you.

Title Pawns

The first, and by far the fastest, way to to get cash when you need it is with a title pawn. Title pawns are short term loans that use the value of your car as collateral to secure a loan (don’t worry though, you’re able to continue driving your car as you normally would). Though the value of the loan is variable based on the make, model, and condition of your car, in the state of Alabama it’s possible to get as much as $15,000.

Title pawns online are a tempting option because of their speed and convenience. And while you can’t complete the process of title pawns online, you can get started there. On our site there’s a simple application form at the top of the page which once you fill out a representative of ours will quickly call you back to give you more information. The value of having title pawns online is the access you have to information about them.

Personal Loan

Another, somewhat more uncomfortable, option for a loan is to obtain one from a friend or family member. This is an uncomfortable proposition because it can feel like you’re begging or trying to take advantage of them. Afterall, the old adage is to not mix business and personal, and it’s a good adage. Business always has the possibility of ruining valuable relationships, but sometimes you simply don’t have a better option.

If you do decide to ask a friend or family member for a personal loan, be sure that the terms of it are clear and concise: how much you’re loaning, what installments you’re paying it back, and what if any interest you owe on it.

Pawn Valuables

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One of the fastest ways to get cash is to offload everything in your home of value that isn’t essential. This can take the form of either a garage sale or going to your local pawnshop, but the key is to gather what you can live without and sell it for cash on the spot. Jewelry, furniture, electronics, and collectibles are all often worth a fair bit more than we think. And if your financial difficulties are only temporary, then selling your possessions to a pawn shop means you can most likely recover them no worse for wear.


Often the cause of our cash needs stems from being laid off or fired. And if that’s the case for you, then one of the easiest ways of getting cash is to file for unemployment. Unemployment checks are an extremely valuable resource to those who have access to them, and can mean the difference between putting food on the table or not. Just be aware that you won’t receive unemployment checks forever, and you should be looking for a job to replace them as soon as possible.

Side Hustle

Side hustles and second jobs have the ability to earn you money faster than most people realize. They’re also easier than ever to obtain, thanks to freelance apps like Upwork and Fiverr and other apps like Uber or Lyft. Becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft requires nothing more than your car and a working smartphone, and you can start earning money quickly and efficiently. While setting up a side hustle is the most work intensive item on this list, it’s also by far the surest bet to get the money you need without hiccup or run-around.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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