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Turkey Day Savings: 4 Tips for Saving on Your Thanksgiving Day Dinner

October 19, 2018 | By Ana Elliot

While you might still be all focused on Halloween and getting ready for a night of scares, let’s not forget to keep our eyes forward to the next holiday on the horizon: Thanksgiving. Ah, yes – let’s unbuckle our belts and get ready for that turkey dinner and all the fixings!

Thanksgiving on a Budget

If your first thought when reading that was to clutch your wallet tightly and start googling “payday loans” then you are not alone. As wonderful as Thanksgiving is, it is an expensive holiday.

Just the turkey is quite an expense! If you want a feast without all the financial fuss, don’t worry; we’ve got 5 tips to make sure your belt is the only thing busting this year.

Bargain Hunt

Thanksgiving ingredients can often be expensive – stores know what is going to sell and are have their own goals – but you can save some money if you bargain hunt. Compare different stores and their prices. You can also get brand coupons to help keep costs down. You should check the Butterball coupon page regularly to see when they post coupons that could help you on the all-important turkey.

Another turkey saving tip is to compare prices between frozen or fresh. Often times, frozen turkeys are cheaper. Remember, if you go frozen, they take days to thaw so buy it well ahead of time! Also, turkey shop sooner rather than later. The later you wait, the more likely smaller, cheaper turkeys will be snapped up. If you aren’t feeding enough people to eat 20lbs worth of turkey, you definitely do not want to have to pay for all of it.

Potluck for Your Life

Many millennials have turned to “Friendsgivings” to help deal with the costs of Thanksgiving as well as being isolated from their families. While you might have your family close by, using the mythos of Friendsgiving might not be a bad idea.

Potlucks are your best friend when it comes to a cost-friendly Thanksgiving. There are lots of pieces to the meal: the turkey, sides ranging from green bean casserole to mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, and of course, dessert, never mind the drinks!

If you want alcohol, that is another expense to account for. By asking your guests to bring a dish or drinks, you’ll not only keep costs down but create a great opportunity for everyone to share their favorite family recipes.

Buy Small

Another way to cut costs on Thanksgiving is to avoid tons of leftovers. While Thanksgiving leftovers are super versatile and have their own repurposing following. If you aren’t a creative cook and don’t want to each leftover stuffing past the Saturday after Thanksgiving, then this tip could help you save money.

Buy just enough for the one meal (and some modest leftovers) for your Thanksgiving feast. You cut down on leftovers and thus, cut down on money spent! If you have a small party, it might even be more prudent to just buy a turkey breast rather than a whole bird. Your wallet will definitely thank you!

Buy Precooked

Sometimes, cooking everything is a lot of work and you just wish the world would give you a cheap personal chef. Well, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy precooked meals, too! Small parties of 4 can run about $80-$85 dollars at Boston Market, for example. Larger meals for 10-12 are around $100, which puts the price at $10 or less per person. That can be a tidy sum for your savings!

How Will You Save This Thanksgiving?

Well, there you have it! 4 tips to keep your wallet trim while you trim your turkey (or buy a cooked one)! With this money in your pocket, you’ll be able to prepare for Christmas on surer footing.