questions people ask about title pawns

The Common Questions People Ask About Title Pawns

Title pawns are a powerful financial tool. They’re fast and effective, but unfortunately, even for people that know about them, there’s a lot of confusion that surrounds them. How much can they get you? Do you have to give up your car? Do you need a driver’s license?

These are all valid questions, but luckily they’re ones that are also easily answered, and that’s what we’re here to do today. Here’s our definitive guide (though you can always check our FAQ if you have further questions) on what you need to know about the fast pawns that are title pawns.

Misconceptions Corrected

  • You don’t have to stop driving your car for the duration of the title pawn. This is one of the most common misconceptions, but also one of the easiest ones to answer. For the duration of the title pawn, you can drive your car as you would normally, for example, to work or to run errands. It would be counterproductive if you had to stay at home during the title pawn if you couldn’t after all.
  • The total amount of your title pawn will depend on the value and condition of your car, but in the state of Alabama can be up to $15,000. While we can’t tell you before you come in how much you’re eligible for, you can get a general indicator based on the condition of your car and its original cost.
  • How to find a nearby title pawn store isn’t nearly as complicated as you think. Our store locations is easy and intuitive to use and can locate one in your area in under a minute flat.

The Process

Many questions people have about title pawns center on what the process will look like and what they can expect. If that includes you, then here are the answers.

  • What do I need to bring? To obtain your title pawn and the fast loan you’re looking for, you’ll need to bring three items: a state issued I.D., the lien-free title to your car, and your car itself. The reasons are simple: the I.D. ensures you are who you say you are, the car title ensures you actually own your car, and the car lets the title pawn store evaluate the value of your vehicle and determine how high of a pawn you’re eligible for.
  • Do I have to have good credit? In today’s financial landscape a credit score is nearly more precious than anything else out there. It can lead to either an upward or downward spiral to your economic fortunes. Luckily, title pawns are accepting of all types of credit, so don’t come into a title pawn store already feeling defeated and like you won’t get fast pawns.
  • Do I need a checking account? In fact you don’t, since upon the successful completion of your title pawn you’ll receive the amount of your loan in cool, hard cash.


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Further Questions

  • How fast can I get my title pawn? This is one of the most surprising and useful things about a title pawn: you can be in and out of a title pawn location in as little as 30 minutes from start to finish. The speed of title pawns is what makes them so vital and useful in emergencies.
  • Do I need a driver’s license for a title pawn? Despite being centered around cars, you don’t actually need a driver’s license to obtain a title pawn. You will need some other form of state issued I.D. though, like a passport for example.
  • What is a lien-free title? A lien is a prior claim someone has on your vehicle. Lien-free thus means that you own your car outright and have the ability to use it as collateral in a title pawn. If the title of your car has a lien on it you’ll need to have it dealt with and removed before you’re eligible for a title pawn.
  • Does my name need to be on the title? It does, which we know is difficult for many people who drive a car that they consider fully theirs, but if your name isn’t on the title then we can’t give out a title pawn on it. The easiest way to change the title of a car is with a trip to the DMV. Please note that if there’s a second name on the title, that person will also have to come into the title pawn store when taking out the fast pawn.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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