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Thinking About a Title Pawn? Don’t Wait Until It's Too Late

Title pawns (sometimes called online title pawns) are a powerful financial tool that’s often underrated. They’re a type of fast, short term loan that uses your car to secure your loan. Why are they such a powerful financial tool? Because they give you the cash and ability to shut down problems before the fester and become exponentially more expensive.

How specifically can you use your loan to prevent problems before they rear their head? That’s the question we’re here to answer today, and why you should get a title pawn before it’s too late.


If there’s one key concept to understand what it comes to the value of loans, it’s that prevention is always, always cheaper than fixing a problem after it erupts. To just give a few examples:

  • A dental cleaning may seem expensive and unnecessary if you don’t have any tooth pain, but in reality it’s far, far cheaper to get a dental cleaning on a regular basis than it is to get a cavity filled, or even a crown or root canal. Not to mention that serious dental infections can actually lead to heart problems, which are even more expensive.
  • There’ nothing more deadly to your financial health than the interest rate on credit card debt. Credit cards are so ubiquitous in everyday life that we often forget just how quickly their interest rates can balloon upward. Often for just this reason people will shuffle debt from one card to another with a lower interest rate to try and reduce the damage.
  • Home repairs are especially easy to prevent from ballooning in cost, but are also especially easy to forget. Things like a broken shingle may not seem like a problem in the short term, but it can lead to water damage and rot the timbers of your house over time which can then cascade into serious structural damage that can cost thousands to fix.


What’s the first thing you do in an emergency? You stop the bleeding. Whether it’s a visit to the emergency room, a car accident, or sudden job loss, you’ll need money to deal with them. Money most of us don’t have, considering that most American’s can’t handle a $400 emergency without going into debt. And if you don’t have the money to staunch the bleeding and handle whatever emergency has hit you.

How can an emergency worsen if you don’t deal with it immediately? Sometimes the answer is obvious, while other times more complicated and opaque.

  • In the case of an emergency room visit, if you don’t quickly pay off the charge for your visit, the debt will be sent to a debt collection agency which will be far more aggressive in tracking you down and pressuring you to pay your bill than the hospital. Not only will they hound you constantly, but there have been cases where debt collectors contact your place of employment to harass your boss.
  • A car accident is a problem because if you don’t have the money to immediately repair your vehicle, you’re often stuck without any reliable mode of transportation at all, which can negatively impact your ability to keep a job and make money, meaning you’ll only spiral financially further downward.
  • Job loss is horrifically difficult to deal with because it means an immediate suspension of any kind of income. And without an income you may lose the ability to pay the bills or present yourself in a professional enough way to be hired by another company.


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While you shouldn’t wait till the last minute to take out a title pawn (or online title pawns), if you do, then you’re in luck because they’re one of the fastest and most convenient form of lending out there.

  • You can start the process online. While you can’t obtain your title pawn online (even though they’re called online title pawns sometimes), you can start the process by simple filling out an easy request form, after which a sales representative will give you a quick call back to walk you through the process.
  • You’ll only need three items when you come into our store: your driver’s license or other state issued I.D., the lien-free title to your vehicle, and your vehicle itself for inspection. With a title pawn there’s no need for mountains of paperwork.
  • You can be in and out of the title pawn store in as little as a half hour. It’s truly that fast, and could net you up to $15,000.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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