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9 Fun Things To Do In Birmingham, AL On Your Summer Vacation

Are you looking for fun things to do in Birmingham, AL? Then this post might be useful to you.

Birmingham, Alabama, is known as “The Magic City,” and that barely scratches the surface. The state’s largest town is also one of the most exciting cities in the South. Steeped in history, especially for its central role in the Civil Rights Movement, Birmingham has grown into a city bursting with creativity and a thriving modern art and culinary scene.

It’s a great place to live — and to visit. If you’re heading to the Heart of Dixie for summer vacation here are 9 of the most exciting things to do in Birmingham, AL.

Here Are 9 Fun Things To Do In Birmingham, AL

1. The Birmingham Museum Of Art

This probably isn’t news, but it tends to get a little hot and sticky in the South during summertime. You’ll get some relief at the Birmingham Museum of Art, but it’s far from the only reason to visit. There are 24,000 works to take in across multiple floors at the museum in Lynn Park, conveniently right in the middle of downtown, everything from the remarkable Pre-Columbia masks to landmarks of impressionism and modern art. It’s also free.

2. The Market At Pepper Place

For more than 20 years, the Market at Pepper Place has been the place to find the best local goods and produce. It’s always outdoors and held year-round under tents, where local artisans and farmers offer unique goods that always make the Market one of the most popular things to do in Birmingham, AL. There’s even a bakery if you’d like to treat yourself to some local eats.

woman shopping in birmingham alabama market

3. The Birmingham Zoo

Nestled within 50 parkland acres, the Birmingham Zoo is known for its inventive exhibits, such as an alligator swamp and a predator building. It’s also a highly interactive zoo, which withdraws like a feeding aviary and camel rides.

4. McWane Science Center

Speaking of interactive, this downtown attraction has everything from dinosaurs and a bubble room to hands-on exhibits and an IMAX theater. But what really makes McWane one of the best things to do in Birmingham, AL is the impressive aquarium and its ray and shark tank.

5. Railroad Park

Railroad Park is like a smaller version of Central Park. Covering 20 acres right next to downtown Birmingham, the park’s centerpiece is a 9-acre lawn, perfect for people watching, sunbathing, and enjoying a picnic.

6. Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens

This 1840s formal home exemplifies the mid-19th century trend of Greek revival architecture. It screams the South and looks like something right out of “Gone with the Wind.” It’s a museum now, and you can tour the mansion and its big collection of 19th-century decorative art pieces.

7. The Ave Maria Grotto

The Ave Maria Grotto injects some whimsical magic into the Magic City. It’s in Cullman, about 50 minutes outside of Birmingham, but you must see it to believe it. The grotto includes 125 miniature reproductions of religious structures and buildings around the world. Sometimes what to do in Birmingham, AL is all about getting to play a little make-believe.

fun things to do in birmingham, al ave maria grotto

8. Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure

Summer in Alabama means a ton of humidity. You can cool off at this large waterpark, which is not just one of the most fun things to do in Birmingham AL, but likely a necessity during the season. There’s a wide variety of slides, a wave park, and a lazy river for a more relaxed vibe. It's on locals' and tourists' lists of what to do in Birmingham, AL during the summer.

9. Birmingham Oddities

Why take home a magnet or mug from your vacation when you can take home taxidermy. You’ll find everything quirky at this downtown store, like odd artwork from locals and prosthetic legs.

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