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How to Stop Overspending and Build Better Money Habits

This year, there has been a nearly 42% increase in energy costs compared to last year. The cost of groceries? Up over 12%.

Those cost increases and others like it commonly leads to overspending. Overspending can be the result of a gradual change in your financial behavior or can follow when something happens unexpectedly or beyond your control, including inflation or losing a job. 

But even if your overspending has come about because of an unexpected event, there are approaches to stretching your dollar responsibly. Here’s how to stop overspending starting today.

Top Reasons For Overspending

Everyone’s financial traits are unique so looking for ways to address how to stop overspending may come down to taking a hard look at your spending habits.

Are you overspending in different categories, such as eating out or entertainment? Are you using electricity responsibly? Is there a store that’s your Achilles’ heel?

Stopping overspending may also rely on having good planning skills. You’re more likely to overspend when you wait until the last minute to pay for expensive things, such as a vacation or fancy clothing.

By planning, you are more likely to explore ways to keep spending down, such as sales or traveling during the off-season.

Social pressure is another source of overspending. You want to be included, so if a group of friends eats out at a fancy restaurant, you’ll overspend because they are. Do they want to rent a huge house for a week at the beach? You’ll likely contribute to feel included.

How To Stop Overspending 

It takes some practice to build better money habits, so don’t be hard on yourself if it takes some time to stop overspending in the way that will be most effective for you. Here are a few of the approaches to try.

Figure Out If It’s An Addiction

Before you can determine how to stop overspending, you should figure out if your behavior qualifies as a spending addiction. Yes, it’s real.

Some characteristics include having too many credit cards at their spending limits, spending too much time shopping that you ignore other important matters or changing plans with family and friends, and buying far too many things you never use. 

Make A Budget — Or Redo It

Having a budget is key to financial fitness, and many who overspend either don’t track expenses or haven’t reviewed their spending habits in a long time. If you don’t have a budget, create one today.

Outline all of your expenses — both needs and wants — and create a budget that doesn’t facilitate overspending. If you have a budget already, overspending means it’s time for a change.

Rely On Cash 

Debit and credit cards are major conveniences but swiping cards can easily lead to overspending. Try spending only what your budget says in a month and do it with cash.

When you take out just the cash you need at the beginning of the month, you’re far less likely to overspend with your cards.

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Create New Financial Goals

A budget is just one part of establishing a positive financial present and future. Try setting some goals beyond your monthly spending amount. That could mean setting aside $2,000 in an emergency fund or paying certain bills off at specific times.

If you are busy saving, you won’t be busy spending.

Think Before You Buy

That brand-new high-definition TV or that concert ticket may be hard to resist, but before you open your wallet, take a moment to review the cost and if it is actually important for you to make such a purchase right now.

Resist the urge to spend and think about what your savings can help you accomplish. 

Try A Payday Loan 

Everyone struggles with overspending and financial emergencies at some point in their lives. Even those who have a steady income from a full-time job can encounter difficulties making ends meet.

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Get Started Today

How to stop overspending relies on fiscal responsibility and making a few tweaks to your habits. Payday loans may help. Just start on our homepage, give us a call, or visit one of our locations near you today to get the help you need.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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