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How Investing Works For Small First-Time Investors

Learning how investing works may sound intimidating for those who have never dealt with investing. Investing is a complicated subject and there is a lot to learn, so you need to be prepared before you start investing. And in this post, we’ll teach you the different options that you have as a small first-time investor, so, keep on reading.

How Investing Works – Types of Investments

If you want to learn how investing works, it is important to understand 3 the most common types of investments that you can make.


One of the most common forms of investment is called “stock”. When you buy a stock, you are investing in a share of a corporation. The value of this stock that you have invested in goes up and down with the company’s market value.

Stocks are often seen as a high-risk high-reward investment opportunity. If the company you have invested in underperforms, you can lose money. If the company does well, you can earn money.


Another investment option is investing in bonds. This is essentially when you loan money to a company or a government, and they promise to pay you back with interest after a set number of years. In contrast to stocks, bonds are considered to be a low-risk and low reward form of investment.

Other Investments

There are other types of investments that you can purchase as well. Real estate is a popular choice of investment because of the necessity of housing. In recent years cryptocurrencies have also become a popular option for investors.

How Investing Works – Different Ways To Invest

If you are interested in investing, you also need to learn the different methods that you can use to invest your money.

Direct Stock Purchase Plans

If you are interested in investing in individual companies, one option that you can consider is a Direct Stock Purchase Plan, also known as a DPP. This is when you purchase stock directly from the company that you are investing in, rather than using a brokerage firm.

One of the downsides of investing this way is that not every company offers direct stock purchase plans. This can limit your options for investing if you rely on these.

Companies also do not typically advertise their DPPs, so it may take more time and effort on your part to find them if they are offered. While they are less convenient than investing with a traditional brokerage firm, DPPs can be a good option for you.

learning how investing works through direct stock purchase

Online Stockbrokers

In the 21st Century, you can do all of your investing online. One of the best options for a small-time first investor learning how investing works is to sign up with a discount broker online.

Discount brokers often offer commission-free investments in ETFs, and they can help you create an automated investment system that will help you earn more money over the course of the long term. While there are various fees associated with some discount brokers, this is still a good way to start investing for small first-time investors.

Investment Apps

In recent years, investment apps have become one of the most popular options for people who want to know how investing works. Every investment app works in a slightly different way, but they all share a common mission to make investing easier for you. These apps let you build a diverse investment portfolio right on your phone or tablet.

Some of these investment apps will charge you fees as an online discount broker might. The way that these apps work and the investment options that they provide varies from app to app. Some apps will round up your purchases and invest the change for you, some will allow you to purchase fractional shares of stocks and bonds.

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Investing in the stock market as a small first-time investor can be intimidating. But with the background knowledge you’ve gained from reading this article and a little bit of practice, you will be a cool and confident investor in no time at all.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.


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