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How Can I Get Cash For My Car Title?

If you’ve been digging around in the world of personal loans, you may have heard of how to get cash for car titles. While it may sound too good to be true, this is a real type of pawn called a title pawn, and it only uses your title – not the vehicle itself – as collateral for a pawn.

Title pawns are great for unique financial situations that have a sense of urgency. This article will cover how title pawns function, the standards to qualify, how to apply, and how much money you could get.

What Are Title Pawns?

Title pawns are short-term pawns that use your car title as collateral for cash. If you have a car that has a lien-free title, you can swap it in for cash. A lien-free title means you have paid off your car and have not used it as collateral for any other active pawn. There are also no legal holds on a lien-free vehicle.

You’ll keep your vehicle during a title pawn and, once it’s repaid, the title will be given back to you, lien-free.

At Alabama Title Pawns, Inc., we offer title pawns for any amount between $300 and $15,000. The total amount of the pawn is determined by your financial needs and the state of your car. During your application, our agent will look at things like your car’s total miles, its year, make, model, and overall condition.


What Do I Need To Qualify For A Title Pawn?

Qualifying for title pawns is much easier than qualifying for other types of personal loans. You’ll need your I.D., car title, and vehicle to apply.

Unlike traditional lenders, we do not require a high credit score, proof of employment, bank statements, or your car as collateral to get cash for the car title.

  • State I.D. - The first step while applying will verify that you are 18 years or older with a valid state-issued I.D.. This could be a license or non-license I.D. from your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Make sure your I.D. is not unexpired and reflects your current address.
  • Car Title - Perhaps most importantly, you’ll need your car title to qualify for cash for car title. The car title should have been given to you once you paid off your vehicle. If you’ve lost it, you can request a copy from your local DMV. So long as you are the recorded lienholder, you can request a replacement title online through the Public Title Portal. The application fee is $15 and duplicate titles are usually issued within 10-15 dates of applying.
  • Vehicle - Your vehicle will need to be in working condition and present when you apply for cash for the car title. A part of the application involves a brief inspection by one of the agents at Alabama Title Pawns, Inc. This inspection usually only lasts a few minutes and will be used to determine your potential pawn amount. Newer cars with lower mileage tend to qualify for higher pawn amounts, but all sorts of vehicles may qualify for cash.

How Can I Apply For A Title Pawn In AL?

You can get cash for a car title through 4 simple steps – it’s that easy!

1. Complete Our General Inquiry Form

The general inquiry form on the Alabama Title Pawns, Inc. website is the first step to applying for cash for a car title. You’ll need to fill in your basic contact details as well as some information about your vehicle.


2. Speak With Our Agent

Shortly after the form is submitted, one of our knowledgeable agents will reach out to you using your contact details. This brief call will answer any of your questions, discuss your documents and financial need, and outline the application process.

3. Meet With The Agent

During the call, you’ll arrange a date and time that works best for you to meet with the agent. We know you have enough to deal with, so we make our application process as easy as possible. The meeting can take place at one of our convenient locations, at your home, or at another location of your choice.

During the meeting, you’ll present your documents and vehicle to the agent. Once everything is looked over, you’ll receive your pawn decision.

4. Get Your Cash

If you’re approved for cash for a car title, you’ll typically be able to access the funds within a business day or two, at most. You’re then able to use the cash as you wish to pay off any urgent bills.

Get Cash For Your Car Title Today

Alabama Title Pawns, Inc. offers cash for car titles in four simple steps.

First, complete our online general form and wait for us to reach out to you. Then, arrange a time to meet with an agent to present your I.D., vehicle, and car title for inspection. If everything checks out, you could receive up to $15,000 as soon as today or the next business day.

Don’t let overdue bills and worries keep you up at night. Contact us to take a step towards financial relief today.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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