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How Can I Get Emergency Money Fast?

“How can I get emergency money fast?” is one of the most oft-googled questions these days. It’s no surprise considering we’re in the midst of the worst economic recession since the 2008 housing crisis – and it doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.

There are plenty of people waking up and going to sleep with the same question on their minds, “How can I get emergency money fast?” but finding no answer. And if you’re one of them, then you’re in the right place, as the tips you’ll find in this article will help you get a few ideas on where you can possibly find your needed cash including auto title pawns.

How Can I Get Emergency Money Fast?

1. Ask for a Salary Advance

If you urgently need money, getting a salary advance could be a good option. A salary advance is when you get a part (or entirety) of your paycheck before the payday and only get what’s left on the payday itself.

Different companies have different policies regarding advances, however. While some have no problem giving them out, others only give them out in specific circumstances (sickness, death of a loved one, etc.), or don’t give them out at all.

Talk to your manager and/or HR to find out your company policy before planning anything regarding advance.

2. Help out in the Area

If anyone in your area needs help with a one-off task, then could be a good opportunity to stop asking “How can I get emergency money fast?” and start acting fast instead. Research hustle jobs like delivering and assembling furniture, assisting with moving, babysitting or dog-walking, mowing the lawn, etc. near you. That way, you could potentially earn quick emergency cash the same day you complete the task.

There are even platforms to connect you with potential clients – try TaskRabbit (or you could just search Craigslist for employers). Again, the downside is that while you could earn a pretty penny by the end of the day, you can’t be sure when the client pops up.

3. Declutter

“How can I get emergency money fast if my paycheck isn’t covering anything these days?” you may ask. Selling off stuff you don’t need could be a great way of making fast cash. Anything that’s in comparatively good shape – clothes, jewelry, cutlery, furniture – can be sold online to earn your money. And multiple platforms can help you find potential buyers – Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark.

What doesn’t make this such a good emergency option, however, is that you would be wholly dependent on luck. Putting stuff on Mercari could easily earn you $100 a day – or you could potentially wait for weeks until the first buyer comes along. But it still doesn’t hurt to try.

4. Become a Delivery Driver for Uber Eats

“How can I get emergency money fast if I don’t have anything to sell?” you may wonder. Well, if you have at least a car, that’s exactly what can bring you money when you need it most. And we’re not talking about selling it. Instead, you could use it to earn money through services like food delivery. If there’s one industry that hasn’t suffered amid pandemic, it’s the delivery industry.

While Uber isn’t known to be the best full-time employer, making deliveries in the evenings and on weekends could nicely supplement your income – or earn you emergency cash. The main upside of Uber Eats over other delivery platforms is that they let you cash the money out up to 5 times a day. As long as you and your vehicle can satisfy Uber’s requirements, it’s one of the best ways to earn fast cash.

5. Apply for a Short-Term Fast Loan

If the keyword in the question “how can I get emergency money fast” is fast – and you’re on a short timeline, then applying for a short-term fast loan like a title pawn could be an optimal solution to your problem.

While you should always try to acquire necessary funds without adding to your financial obligations, if you’re in an emergency and there’s a risk of your problem escalating (like car problems or necessary house repairs), then dealing with it ASAP should be your priority.

In which case, getting an emergency pawn with your car title, covering your urgent expenses, and paying it off later would an optimal course of action.

Man holding title pawn cash

Why a Title Pawn?

Title pawns in Alabama are fast, accessible, and easy. Anyone who’s over 18 and outright owns their car (meaning title is in their name and with no outstanding loans against it) could be eligible. You can easily apply and get approved even if your credit score is bad our outright nonexistent!

And if you’re an Alabama resident, consider getting your pawn through Alabama Title Loans, Inc. We will accept and accommodate any kind of income, and, if approved, you’ll get the cash you qualified for the same day!

How Do I Apply for a Title Pawn?

To apply for car title pawns in Alabama, you’ll need your government-issued ID, your car, and the car’s lien-free title.

Go to the Main Page of Alabama Title Loans, Inc. website and fill out the online form. Our loan representative will soon contact you and set up a meeting at a convenient location (you don’t have to go to the store if you don’t want to, as we will come to you!).

Bring the required items to the meeting for the loan representative to assess and determine the loan amount you qualify for (you could get up to $15 000).

If you’re approved – complete the simple paperwork and get the cash! This entire process takes on average around 30-40 minutes.

Apply for Alabama Title Pawn Today!

Truly, there’s no simpler answer to the “how can I get emergency money fast” question than getting a title pawn. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your Alabama title pawns today and experience how fast and stress less it is to solve the urgent money issue!

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.


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