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How to Get Cash for Title Online: The Super Simple Process

Are you in a pinch? Pressed for some cash due to an unexpected expense or a problem with the paycheck? If so, you might have already done some digging and considered using your title to get the cash.

And that’s a good option! These days you can easily get cash for title online, without the need to jump through complicated bureaucratic hoops and paying multiple visits to the lender.

But before you get all fired up and start googling about cash for title online, let’s consider when getting cash for title online is a great idea.

Getting Cash for Title Online: When Should I Do It?

While getting cash for title online might seem like an easy answer to all your money problems, do keep in mind that getting into debt – or adding to an existing one – should never be your first course of action when it comes to problem-solving.

If the problem you’re dealing with isn’t time-sensitive and/or fixing it won’t cost you more in the future if you delay it, you should always try getting the cash together by other means first. Finding out if your work has any relief programs and if you qualify for them, asking for a salary advance, even getting a side-hustle are all viable options.

However, if your problem needs to be dealt with ASAP – risking escalation otherwise – then your priority should be getting the cash together fast and hassle-free. And getting cash for title online is a great option if that’s the case.

Typical problems that qualify would be medical bills, emergency house repairs, car breakdowns, or overdue bills you can’t just cut from your expenses – like rent and utilities.

Getting Cash for Title Online: How Do I Do It?

So, we’ve established your problem requires getting cash for title online. Now it’s time to determine what you’ll need for that.

Luckily, not much. Just a good internet connection, your phone, and a few items. Let’s start with those.

1. Get the Required Items in Order

Getting cash for title online becomes super easy, as long as you take care of this first step. And you won’t need much. Just the following:

  • Your car in decent condition;
  • Your car title – it must be in your name and completely lien-free;
  • Your state-issued ID proving you’re 18 or older.
  • Proof of income.

Though the last item is optional – qualifying requirements for short-term fast loans are in general pretty flexible, they’re even more flexible for title pawns. This is because they’re a secured type of loan, and your car will act as collateral.

You will need to provide the ID (minors cannot be eligible for title pawns) and the lien-free title in your name. Since the car’s the collateral, you can’t use another person’s vehicle – even if you’re the nominal owner and have been using it for years.

2. Submit the Online Form

applying for title loans online

If the required items are in order, it’s all smooth sailing from there. You’ll need to go to the Main Page of Alabama Title Loans Inc. website, find the online form for title pawns, fill it out and submit it. The form will be sent to the closest Alabama Title Loans, Inc. location and get processed.

3. Answer the Call

Pay attention to your phone after you submit the form. It will get processed very quickly (sometimes it only takes as little as a few minutes), and soon enough the loan representative from the closest location will be calling you.

Answer them when they do, so that they can provide further details about the process and set an appointment for you. If you have any questions about the process or would like to inform them about specific circumstances, now would be the right time to do that.

4. Visit the Store

Okay, so the process is not 100% online – but this is the only visit you’ll have to pay to the store! Take the required items to the appointment the loan representative schedules for you. They will need to appraise your car and verify the documents to determine if you’re:

  1. Eligible for the title pawn
  2. How much cash you’re eligible for

5. Get Approved – and Get the Cash!

If the loan representative approves you, you’ll finish the easy paperwork right there and get the cash you qualified for!

Depending on the model and state of your car, it could be up to $15,000.

Typically, the entire procedure takes less than an hour – it could take as little as 30 minutes – and, if approved, you’ll get the cash the very same day.

Get Cash for Title Online today!

Getting title loans online with Alabama Title Loans, Inc. is super simple easy and streamlined process that you can go through in a matter of minutes. So, why wait? Apply today to get your needed cash and solve your urgent financial issues!

You can also check ‘car title loans near me’ in one single click for a full list of our store locations or if you want to find out which store is closest to you.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.


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