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What’s the Average Alabama Traffic Ticket Cost? How Can I Afford It?

Depending on the type of violation, an Alabama traffic ticket cost may surprise you. Police write about 105 tickets for speeding in the state for every 10,000 people, and each ticket usually includes not just violation fines but the potential to impact your car insurance payment as well. Here’s a closer look at what to expect when it comes to Alabama traffic ticket cost impact and how you can get help paying fees.

What You Should Know About The Alabama Traffic Ticket Cost

The Average Alabama Traffic Ticket Cost

The most common type of traffic ticket in Alabama is speeding — and all speeding tickets come with fines. What you’ll pay heavily depends on where you are issued a ticket and your speed. Overall, drivers in Alabama can expect to pay on average anywhere from $150-$300.

Your Alabama traffic ticket cost usually fluctuates depending on how much you are going over the speed limit. Going less than 25 miles per hour over the limit is often on the lower end of the spectrum while going faster than 25 miles per hour brings heftier fines. There are often usually surcharges. The cost also depends on your specific violation circumstances. For example, if you’re speeding in a work zone or a school zone, fees are commonly doubled.

Alabama Traffic Ticket Cost For Other Violations

It’s not just speeding that can cost you a pretty penny in Alabama. In Huntsville, not wearing a seat belt comes with a $25 fine, but there are larger fines for not stopping at a railroad crossing, not dimming headlights ($169 each), following another car too closely ($179), not using a child restraint ($184), and driving on the wrong side of the road ($189), to name a few.

Having improper parts on a car is another expensive traffic violation. Improper tires, tags, signaling, passing and rearview mirrors all come with fines between $179-$184.

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Related Alabama Traffic Ticket Cost

While many people narrow their focus on paying off the fine, there could be an even greater financial strain. Insurance rates almost always go up even for minor speeding violations. In Alabama, the average rate increase is about 30% just for a speeding ticket. In addition, the state sets demerit points for drivers who get a speeding ticket.

Speeding up to 25 miles per hour over the limit comes with two demerit points (over 26 miles per hour and more comes with five demerits). If you get 12 demerit points within two years, your license is suspended for at least 60 days.

The suspension time increased as demerit points rise. If you get 24 points or more in the two-year period, your license is suspended for a full year.

How Can I Afford The Alabama Traffic Ticket Cost?

It’s easy to pay for a ticket if you have cash or credit. Alabama typically lets you pay fines online or in person at a courthouse. But there are several options for those who can’t cover the cost and don’t want the fine to linger. Many nonprofits and community action agencies in the state may provide help for those whose employment will be impacted because they can’t drive to work.

Some charities and churches also offer help, but traffic ticket assistance is less common than help with living expenses such as food and rent. Another approach is attempting to get out of paying the Alabama traffic ticket cost entirely. Pro-bono law firms funded by the government offer free legal advice to deal with traffic tickets, especially for those who are considered low-income.

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