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Is It Possible To Get Alabama Online Payday Loans Without A Bank Account?

If you urgently need some cash, consider getting Alabama online payday loans. But what if you don’t have a bank account? Is it possible to get approved in such a situation, or is it not worth a try?

The truth is that practically all payday loan lenders would require you to have a bank account. If you don’t have one and are not planning on opening an account, you might want to opt for a secured loan.

Is there a way to get a payday loan without a bank account, and can you get approved with a recently opened one? I've included for you all the answers below.

Is It Possible To Get Alabama Online Payday Loans Without A Bank Account?

Most lenders would require you to have a bank account to apply for a payday loan. You might be able to find some companies online that claim to work even with individuals who don’t have a checking account, but such lenders are most likely a scam.

There are a few essential reasons why reputable companies generally work only with those who do have a bank account:

  • Lenders would use bank statements from your checking account to verify your income and cash reserves. This will show that you can repay the loan.
  • Some lenders would also analyze the source of the payments hitting your account. They usually want to ensure that the prices are regular and that they come from your employer.
  • When the time comes to repay your loan, the lender might automatically withdraw the money from your bank account.
  • Finally, if you do get approved for an online payday loan, in a lot of cases, the funds will get deposited into your account.

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Can You Apply For A Loan With A Recently Opened Bank Account?

If you don’t have a bank account, it might be worth opening one.

That can be done relatively quickly, both online and offline. All you’ll need is a government-issued ID and some basic information. Remember that some banks might require an initial deposit to get started.

Depending on the financial institution and the type of account, it might take a couple of minutes and a few days to open a new bank account.

Though you won’t be able to provide bank statements to the lender, in case the checking account is brand-new, some companies would agree to consider other documents that can verify your ability to repay the loan. Those include pay stubs, a letter from your employer, tax forms, etc.

What Items Will You Need To Get Alabama Online Payday Loans?

Many lenders would require you to bring in dozens of documents, but thankfully, some companies would need only the ‘basics’ from you.

To apply for a payday loan offered by Alabama Title Loans, Inc., all you’re going to need is:

  • Your state-issued ID or driver’s license
  • Your most recent pay stub
  • Your Social Security number
  • A 30-day bank statement from your checking account
  • A blank check from your checking account

If you have just recently opened your checking account and can’t provide a 30-day bank statement or are self-employed and don’t have pay stubs, make sure to contact the lender directly. The friendly staff members would be happy to explain what options you might have.

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How To Apply For Alabama Online Payday Loans

  1. The main benefit of online payday loans is that you wouldn’t have to drive to the store only to provide your basic information. You can get started by filling out a convenient online form.
  2. Very soon, one of the lender representatives will give you a call to answer all of your questions and set up an appointment for you to come to one of the stores and finish up your application.
  3. Alabama Title Loans, Inc. has 25 locations across the state, so the chances are high that you wouldn’t have to drive for too long to get to the nearest store. Do bear in mind that you can choose to come to the store directly without filling out the online form.
  4. Once you arrive, the lender representative will review your documents. If you get qualified, you will get anywhere between $100 and $500 the same day or the next business day.

Submit Your Inquiry Today!

Can you find Alabama online payday loans without a bank account? Trustworthy lenders require you to have a checking account, so you should open one as soon as possible. The employees at Alabama Title Loans, Inc. are committed to helping you get the cash you need, so if you ever have any questions about the required items, call them.

Once you gather the necessary documents, you can get the much-needed money quickly. Fill out the inquiry form or head to one of the company’s stores to get started.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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