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How to Get Money Fast After Alabama Storm Damage

When you, your family, and your home suffer from Alabama storm damage, you might feel like all hope is lost. But you just need to know how to get money fast. And thankfully, we can help you with that.

So, we'll get right into our tips to receive money quickly after Alabama storm damage without further ado.

Tips On How To Get Money Fast After Alabama Storm Damage

1. Get In Touch With Your Insurance Provider

After Alabama storm damage, you should first get in touch with your insurance company. If your car or house has been damaged, a claim should be able to fix it sooner rather than later.

We know it might seem stressful at first, but remember that the insurance agents are there to help. They will guide you through all the questions and figure out how much you qualify for. They may ask you to send pictures of the damage if it's safe to do so.

2. Consider Your Emergency Funds

Once you have contacted your insurance provider, look at your emergency funds. If you have been saving, this is the best way to answer your "how to get money fast" query. Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all.

Consider the harm done to your home, car, or both, and decide how much it will cost. Then, determine whether you have enough cash in your emergency fund. If not, the next option might help make up the difference.

3. Ask Friends And Family For Help

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We know how you might not prefer to ask friends and family for financial help. But it could be an option after the Alabama storm damage you've suffered. If you're worried about asking for a loan from your loved ones, try following the steps below:

  1. Request advice, then money — Be honest about your financial climate and ask if there is a way for your friend or relative to help you without lending money. Your loved one might be able to give you a part-time job for a while to help you out. But if they can't help in this way, ask for a loan. At least you tried to figure it out a different way beforehand.
  2. Discuss your needs — Explain why you need the money. After Alabama storm damage, it's probably necessary, but you need to convince your friend.
  3. Be responsible — If you made a financial error that blew your emergency funds, own up to it. Don't deny your mistake; learn from it. Your relative will appreciate that.
  4. Create a plan — Start by figuring out how and when you can pay the money back, and then write it all down. Consider creating a contract. State the specifics and let them know when you will pay the total amount.

4. Apply For Government Disaster Relief And Emergency Assistance

If none of the above work, you may qualify for Alabama's Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance. You can apply online or via the phone following a federally recognized disaster. But, of course, there is no guarantee that you'll qualify. So, if you need something more solid, try our final option below.

5. Try A Title Pawn

A title pawn is an easy answer to your "how to get money fast" question. It's a short-term financial aid that allows you to borrow up to $15,000 fast cash, depending on the value of your vehicle.

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Here, at Alabama Title Loans, Inc., we work with all types of credit, allowing anyone to get the money they need to repair their home after storm damage. Over the years, we've streamlined our process to ensure you can go through it as quickly as a flash, wasting no time and adding zero stress.

Just follow the steps below, and you'll be on your way to solving the damage:

  1. Fill out the form found on our website.
  2. Sit and wait for one of our friendly loan associates to get in touch. They will tell you about the entire process and the required documents. We recommend asking any questions at this point too, so you can smooth over concerns as quickly as possible. During the conversation, they'll also ask you to confirm a meeting place. It can be at your nearest Alabama Title Loans, Inc. storefront or somewhere closer to your home.
  3. After the call, meet your loan representative at the location. Make sure you bring your driver's license (photo ID), lien-free title to your vehicle, and your vehicle itself.
  4. Wait while the verification agent examines your car and your documents.
  5. If approved, depending on the time of the day you apply and your bank delay policies, you can get the needed cash either on the same or next business day.

Get A Title Pawn For Alabama Storm Damage Today!

While we can't take the emotional side effects of Alabama storm damage away, we've given you some highly effective ways to combat the physical consequences. Get your Alabama title pawn today to cover your emergency expenses. You can get started by calling us at 800-514-2274 or filling out a short online form f on our website.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.


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