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5 Fascinating Alabama Christmas Traditions You’ve Never Heard About

Did you know that Alabama was the first state to make Christmas a holiday? That’s why Alabama Christmas traditions are the most unique and bright among the holiday celebration customs in other states. Let's take a look at five of the lesser-known ones in Alabama, shall we?

Here Are Some Amazing Alabama Christmas Traditions

1. Tinsel Trails

For many families in Alabama, walking down many tinsel trails with the family members is one of the most awesome Alabama Christmas traditions.

As you can probably guess, a tinsel trail is essentially a highly decorated area. They will often have a road or path that you can follow to take a peek at some awesome Christmas decorations. There are plenty throughout the state. The best part is that because many of these are pop-up events, you don’t need to pay. In fact, there are a variety of streets and roads throughout Alabama that are seen as tinsel trails.

These tinsel trails all stem from the fact that Christmas is an honored Alabama tradition. Remember what we said about how Alabama was one of the first places in the country to have Christmas as an official holiday? Well, it turns out that this means that the residents absolutely love to decorate when the holidays roll around. Some of the best decorations in the country can be found along these tinsel trails.

2. Alabama Theater Christmas Sing-A-Longs And Movies

Every year, the Alabama Theater runs some sing-along shows for Christmas classics. Think along the lines of a big karaoke session with tons of adults and children singing along to Christmas songs. You will also be able to find a wealth of different Christmas movies showing throughout the year. This includes some classic hits, as well as a few newer ones.

This is a tradition for many residents in Alabama. Make it one of yours.

3. Elfapalooza

This is probably one of the most unique Christmas traditions. Every year, the Elfapalooza festival takes place in Alabama. This is an event that tries to beat the Guinness World Record for the number of people dressed as a Christmas Elf in the same place.

It takes place in a different location each year, so check Facebook for the location updates. Your family members (and especially kids) will definitely enjoy dressing up for fun. You just need to come along wearing an elf costume. Try to make it look as brilliant as possible because there are going to be some pretty snazzy elves kicking around at the event.

alabama christmas traditions elfapalooza

4. Deep Fried Turkey

The residents of Alabama love some good, deep-fried food, and Christmas is no exception. If you head to various events around Alabama, you will likely see a ton of options for deep-fried turkey. Although, of course, you will be able to have some around the Christmas table too.

Of course, while you are at it, you can have oysters while you are around the table. Due to the temperature of the water, it is the holiday season that is the best time to eat them. No wonder it is one of the best Alabama Christmas traditions.

5. A Downtown Dickens Christmas

This tradition takes place in Wetumpka every year.

This is one of the least known Alabama Christmas traditions which deserves more popularity. If you head here, you will be taken back into the past. It is almost going to be as if you are pulled into the Christmas Carol story e.g. a lot of people will be wearing old outfits, you get to see old arts and crafts, etc.

For many families, this has become one of their go-to events. It isn't the largest event happening in the state of Alabama, but it is a huge amount of fun.

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