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10 Self-Care Ideas That Don't Cost a Single Cent

Massages and facials, luxury skincare, exciting vacations — while these are all great ways to pamper yourself, they all cost a lot of money. Self-care isn’t about how much money you spend, but how much time and attention you give yourself. Here are some self-care ideas that won’t cost you a single cent.

Make Self-Care A Priority With These Ideas

Turn Off Social Media

Instead of spending your precious time reading about other people’s lives and feeling pressured to keep up with them, sign off, and focus on yourself. Do something you enjoy, or listen to your favorite music while taking a walk.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

You should write down 5 good things that happen to you every day. Celebrating small blessings, even if you’ve had a rough day, can help you stay positive and create an “attitude of gratitude.” It can make a tremendous difference in your mood.

Download A Free Meditation App

Meditation can help you relax, clear your mind, and recenter yourself. For a few minutes, you get to take a step back from your stress and become more in tune with yourself and the Universe. Even a short 10 minutes of meditation will make you feel physically and emotionally refreshed.

Clean And Organize Your Space

Cleaning can be very therapeutic. The physical activity has the same benefits as exercise. Plus, throwing away things you don’t need can be very symbolic of letting go of negative or unproductive memories and feelings.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Feeling stressed? Play music and dance—and even sing along to the lyrics! Go ahead, nobody’s judging you. Just moving around will help bring up your endorphin levels. It’s like going to a club, without having to pay for overpriced drinks.

Make Or Bake Something You Like

Don’t have the budget to go to an expensive restaurant? No problem. You’ll find many recipes on the Internet that can help you recreate your favorite dish. And even if you don’t have great cooking skills, there’s bound to be one thing you like that’s easy to make at home. Anyone can blend veggies and fruits into a smoothie, or boil the ingredients for chicken soup.

Go To A Local Museum Or Community Center

Not all trips have to require a plane ticket. Check your city’s local event listings to find free events, exhibits, or film showings. Find out where the local artists like to busk, sign up for a free class at your local community center, or visit the nearby museum — many of which offer discounted rates on non-peak days.

Spend Time Outdoors

Pack a sandwich and enjoy it in the park. Go for a walk. If you live in a crowded city with no good outdoor recreational area, take the subway or bus to the nearest public park. The change in scenery will do you good!

Take A Long, Relaxing Shower

Recreate the spa experience without the spa prices. Light some candles, play relaxing music, and then take a long, relaxing bath. You can make great DIY body scrubs and hair masks with ingredients in your kitchen. Things like olive oil, coffee grounds, brown sugar, honey, etc. all work.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

There’s no shame or blame in asking someone to help you when you feel overwhelmed. If you’re sad, talk to a friend. When you’re tired, ask your partner to pitch in with the housework. If you’ve run into financial problems and need to raise emergency cash, look into short-term loans like Alabama title pawns.


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